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Note: Services on this page apply to Notebook Hardware problems only like physically broken parts and damaged hard drives, etc... If you simply have a "slow" laptop, a virus, freezing or any type of software problem, please see: Computer Services.

We perform laptop repairs for all out-of-warranty brands including IBM, DELL, HP, TOSHIBA, SONY, ACER, COMPAQ, CTX, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, PANASONIC and other brands.

Valuable Laptop/Notebook Tips

  • Never leave your Notebook in a cold environment

    When you bring your Notebook back into a warm place from a cold place, condensation will form on the inside of the Notebook and may cause electrical shorts within the Notebook.

  • Don't place your Notebook on soft surfaces

    This will block off air vents/fans and may result in overheating.



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